Hi, I'm Gill and it's great to have you visit this page!

Fragility and Strength,Translucence


I'm a mixed media artist working with delicate materials, thin filmy layers of paper and silk, sometimes eco printed, that become resilient when exposed to the encaustic process. I love this paradox. I build up layers including monotype and photographic prints, fibres and coloured inks.


Nature inspires me. I enjoy making images that evolve as one looks at them, ... sparking associations that develop and deepen. I combine elements that wouldn't normally be seen together, creating a new entity which is meaningful to me.

Recently, I've been building vessels and pebbles out of felt.

The ambiguity of line, sometimes the result of  natural fibres I'm using and otherwise what I  add by stitching or adding strips of printed washi is satisfying my current passion.