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Joomchi Vessels, all handmade from Korean Hanji paper worked into Joomchi

each approx 45cm high and 20cm across

Joomchi Vessel and patchwork wall hanging. Vessel 43 x 22cm wall hanging 60 x 40cm.jpg
 Rust 1, detail, 52 x 33cm, Joomchi and  corroded metal paint.jpg
Patchwork Rust 1, detail_edited.jpg
also goodjpg.jpg

Joomchi Rustic Earth 

90 x 60cm

Korean Hanji worked into Joomchi, corroded metallic paint, sticks, thread

Chinese Joomchi.jpg

Joomchi wall hanging with Chinese Calligraphy

44 x 35cm

Mulberry paper, zinc paint corroded, ink

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